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The following credit is given for non-purchased photos placed on our site:

Portland Photo Bar:

Rose Photo: by Shubert Ciencia,
St Johns Bridge: by Sam Agnew,
Made in Oregon sign: by Radcliffe Dacanay,
Mount Hood: by R0Ng,
Streetcar: by Ian Sane,
Forest Park: by Szapucki,
Willamette: by Stuart Seeger,

Idaho/Montana Photo Bar:

Train: by Loco Steve,
Mountains: by Ken Lund,
River: by Kidron Cool,
Buildings: by Rex Brown,
Horses: by Christinamari,
Train Bridge: by Loco Steve,
Water & Valley: by Smabs Sputzer,

Vancouver Photo Bar:

Runners: by InSapphoWeTrust,
Sunset: by Thomas Konefal,
Buildings:  by WriterGal39,
Street: by Ruth Hartnup,
Boats: by Dripps,
Buildings/Water: by JamesZ_Flickr,

San Francisco Photo Bar:

Skyline & water: by Nicolas Vollmer,
Houses: by Jamie McCaffrey,
Boats: by Pedro Szekely,
Golden Gate: by Jamie Beverly,
Downtown Buildings: Michael Caven,
Fisherman’s Wharf: by Pedro Szekely,
streetcar: by Tony Fischer,